Received February 28, 2010 @ 8:54 PM from Anne Duncan

What a beautiful day that the Lord has made. Went to the clinic today at the hospital. Not as busy and then went to orphanage. The hospital is trying to return to “normal” and I use that loosely. Still have triage and wound care in the courtyard, but no more patients outside. We do still have a group from the Virgin Islands sleeping on the roof of the hospital.

I delivered a baby in the back of a rusty pick-up truck today. All is fine with them both, but it was touchy.

The hospital has been loaded with supplies, but they are everywhere. No one to organize; some are even getting wet. There is such a great need everywhere.

The needs are greatly changing here to almost all outpatient clinics that some organizations are trying to establish. We are working 2 areas at two different locations. The Haitian doctors are wanting to take their hospital back. This group is looking at how to best serve the people. The problems are going to come with the disease in the tent cities. The rainy season is coming soon which will add to the problems. Others that are interested in coming must understand that the needs are very different now.

The locals are still for the most part afraid to sleep inside, but the patients in the hospital have stopped going outside at night.

God’s mercy is everywhere and the work of God is in Haiti in a most powerful way. See you soon, Anne


Received February 24, 2010 @ 8:23 PM from Anne Duncan

Landed today safely with no problems. All bags arrived and customs was a breeze. The second half of our team was stuck with the closing of Atlanta today for “snow”. They still have not arrived and it is 8:15.

We worshiped at the church here in Santo Domingo tonight with beautiful music by the “teen year” group. We had a bible study that a young man translated. The message is certainly the same in all languages.

House has 13 people and 1 cold shower. Will leave at 4AM for Haiti. Tomorrow will be a very hard travel day. Please pray for our safety and our work here. Anne

Received February 13, 2010 @ 4:42 AM from Dr. Ellen Lawson

5:28 AM. Safe in OZAMA. Locked in this Church overnight. Our hosts allow team after team to stay here gratis because they have no professionals to send to Haiti, so hosting missioners and getting them to and from the airport is what they do. We were not allowed to leave here even to a restaurant because the neighborhood is so bad. 1 bathroom for 13 people, so I am up and showered at 5 because it was empty. We are going to be at the Santo Domingo Airport by 8:30. We had pizza and scripture, and a spontaneous prayer service and emotional sharing with our teammates. The debriefing has begun. We are in the last leg of our journey and will be happy to be with our families and friends at Sisters of Mercy. Ellen