October 31, 2013: From Dr. Lawson

We had an enjoyable day at Tent City today with opportunity to take care of the sick, the poorest of the poor and to distribute clothing after we finished medical exams and pharmacy services. I had one baby 14 days old with 102.3 T and mother said she was feverish since her birth at home. We had no rocephin so had to use gentamicin alone and follow with oral antibiotic. As I left the still roofless church after the care and walked toward the children outside a shack, a man came out and said, These are my children; they are sick too, but we have no money. I told him to come and bring the children, and we would be glad to see them. Mercy in Haiti. Compassion. Dignity of the human person. Sacredness of life. Justice. Excellence. Not anything I could do, just being there, letting God work through me. Learning to listen to what He is asking of each of us. That had been the prayer of our driver Jude this morning. God please help us listen to what you are telling us. We come with ideas of what we can do, but we must be ready to listen so we can hear what we are being asked to do. This week has passed so quickly. Bon swa! Ellen

Photo by Danielle Snider of a little girl receiving first shoes:


October 30, 2013: From Dr. Lawson

We worked up at Tapio on the mountain today, and it was a beautiful day with a light breeze. We saw 78 patients, a lot of whom were very sick children and several patients needing IV hydration. Dr. Vlad said we would work under a tent and when he opened it, it was UNC Chapel Hill (Way to Go Heels!). Of course I got a few pictures of that. Tell Wendy there was no voodoo today, only peaceful calm up there for which we were grateful. Tonight we had a short but heavy rain which cooled us off for a few minutes before it got steamy again. Tomorrow we work at tent city which is very special to me and then we go to the orphanage. Friday we will work in Archahaie and then see VJ (Vlad Jr.). Ellen

Pictured are Danielle & Brianne of Team Mercy #8.

October 30, 2013: From Dr. Lawson

BonJou! We are heading to Tapio on the mountain today. We worked at Cite Soleil yesterday and saw 86 patients; prior day we saw 136. These numbers do not include Alpha Omega Caberet patients (or as Danielle calls it “Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care South – WAY South!”). Another baby was born in Caberet yesterday delivered by Dr. Merline Roseau. It is in high 90’s and we are sweating our fluids out. Merline has seen some typhoid in a couple that was immunized. We did our usual evening of pill counting, and Danielle took charge of sorting children’s clothing and readying them for the mobile clinics. Later! Ellen

October 28, 2013: From Dr. Lawson

Bon Swa! It was hot as Haiti in summer, but we treated 131 patients in Bon Repos at a new church with a beautiful tile floor. Drs. Vlad and Merline saw 40 in Caberet. Even got to do follow-up visits with some of my patients from July! There is a young couple in the old house at the Global Outreach Compound where we stay, and a whole group of young children. We had good flights, and all of our luggage was sorted and in a pile when we came through customs. Drs. Roseau were waiting outside for us with frozen bottled water and loaded all 16 suitcases on the roof of the van for the ride to the compound. The walls and new locked gates are completed now. Paul has a room to himself, and we four women are sharing one. Tomorrow we are going to work at Cite’ Soleil. We saw many children in really nice looking school uniforms today and Vlad said many more kids are getting to go to school (now that it’s free).

October 27, 2013: From Dr. Lawson

We had 16 bags of supplies. Airline said first 5 free, $40/ea for next 5, and $150 each for the final 6. As I prepared to pay for them, the American Airlines agent saw that I am a premier AA Advantage member, and the bags were free! When we are willing to give God control, he sees to it that we have what we need – especially when we are not asking for ourselves.