Photos received from Sharon Owen on Friday, 1/31/14

Friday will be our last full day in Haiti. Am sure we’ll spend time reflecting on this week – maybe during our Miami layover. Mercy on the ground in Haiti.


After working at clinic at Bon Repos, visiting orphanage in Port-au-Prince, and a debriefing with Drs. Vlad and Merline Roseau, we counted about 20 bottles of three types of meds into small bags of 30 until we had emptied them ALL! Go Team Mercy #9!!!


A huge flea market went on for miles between Bon Repos and Port-au-Prince.


The little boys to my right used my leg as the road for their matchbox cars.


This little one loved his lollypop!


The children stood in chairs to get a better view of the visitors (us).


Fresh coconut Wednesday at Vlad and Merline’s house in Arcahaie.


The shelter in the mountains was new since Team Mercy’s last visit in October.


Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care physician Dr. Stan Hamaker with a patient at Bon Repos Haiti. Each day we would set up mobile clinics as part of Alpha Omega Ministries. Many like Thursday’s site were in churches. The Haitian team goes to 5 sites each week (10 different places) and operates a fixed clinic daily in Cabaret, Haiti. They are grateful for the respite the U.S. teams provide.


“Chris the Dinosaur,” from Sharon Owen on Wednesday, 1/29/14

We were sitting after dinner sharing stories and photos. We came to the one of the chapel at Mt. Carmel Catholic Church. I said, “What do you call that hand carved part on the bottom table and poles holding the cross?” Father Chris immediately responded, “Metal work.” Dr. Hamaker said, “You’re a walking thesaurus.” Chris hops up and turns into a dinosaur, the thesaurus (growls and all). I laughed until I cried!