Thursday, April 2, 2015: Today I did more ultrasounds and the mobile team served Tent City. They had their busiest clinic. Tent City is very close to where we stay in Bon Repos. It is an area that is being settled by those displaced by the 2010 Earthquake. The “tents” are nearly all cinder block now. These homes cover the hillside as it sweeps up from Route 1. It’s crowded and poor, even for Haiti. After work we got a real pick me up at my personal favorite orphanage in Bon Repos. The trip is not easy. It involves traversing Bon Repos at rush hour, no easy task. Then you wind your way back through narrow walled streets with pot holes bigger than children’s lawn pools. It is a maze that ends at a gated door. A quick honk and the gate rolls back inviting the van into the quiet courtyard. The children all greet you with hugs and smiles. No one is un-hugged by everyone. Then they take their places under the almond tree and sing you a song. It’s really a treat. We then gave to the exceeding polite children some flip flops, soccer balls and lollipops, but we always receive more than we give. That’s how the whole trip is. Bonswa, John Ende, MD


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