Wednesday, April 1, 2015: Today was a busy day that started early. We participated in a big celebration marking three years of the fixed clinic serving patients. I did a full schedule of ultrasound patients in half a day. Lots of interesting cases. We were late starting due to the celebration. Several gallbladders were contracted as our patients were enjoying the bounty of the fete before their exams. The mobile clinic was up on the mountain in Tapyo. Although our team made the long and beautiful drive up there, no patients were waiting. They tracked down a newborn to hand out a diaper kit and then it seemed that babies were coming from everywhere. Many kits were happily distributed and received. We all regrouped at the end of the day and traveled to some newly purchased land that will ultimately house the permanent fixed clinic. It was all a huge surprise revealed to the staff who had a great time guessing what the big surprise might be. Dr. Vladimyr Roseau and Dr. Ellen Lawson broke ground, and we all applauded except for a concerned neighbor. He came over and began arguing with our whole group in creole. I thought he might be saying that we were on his land, but it turned out that he just wanted to make sure we weren’t doing any voodoo! The group reassured him that voodoo was not involved and he then asked for employment once construction begins. It was a great moment that you will not likely find outside of Haiti.


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